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Small Claims Court Cost

How Much Does Small Claims Court Cost?

average costMedium: Fees Typically $20-$50high costHigh: Fees Can Run $220 or More

Small Claims Court is intended to resolve simple disputes quickly and relatively inexpensively, in a more informal setting than other types of litigation -- and usually without involving lawyers. Also called County Court or Magistrate's Court, Small Claims Courts only hear complaints up to a maximum value that ranges from $2,500-$15,000, depending on state law.

Typical costs:

  • Filing fees average $30-$50, but can run $10-$220 or more depending on location and the amount of money involved in the claim.
  • You may also be required to send the person you're suing formal notice by certified mail or by a law enforcement officer or a process server, which could add another $10-$100 or more. However, if you win your case, you can recover all these court costs.
  • Some states allow lawyers in Small Claims Court but a few prohibit them. Even if lawyers are allowed, having an attorney represent you at an hourly rate of $100-$300 and up quickly totals more than the maximum amount of money awarded in Small Claims Court. Some people who choose to represent themselves first consult with a lawyer about state laws, strategy, tactics and other issues before filing a Small Claims Court complaint; this consultation can run $100-$500 or more depending on the time involved and the complexity of the case. However, the basic idea of small claims court is to resolve disputes without involving lawyers.
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What should be included:
  • Small Claims Court cases involve money, such as failure to repay a loan, or failure to repair a car or other major appliance properly, or landlord-tenant disputes, debt collection or breach of warranty (when an item doesn't work as it's supposed to). Small Claims Court cannot be used for divorce, bankruptcy, guardianship or criminal cases, or suits against the federal government.
  • It's best to first try to settle the dispute yourself. Often a Small Claims Court judge will want to see written evidence (such as a letter) that you tried to resolve the problem before coming to court. offers short summaries of the small claims court rules[1] for each state.
  • Prepare your case carefully, so you can present your facts clearly with supporting documentation. The American Bar Association gives a detailed overview[2] of the small claims court process and Nolo Press describes how to present testimony and evidence in Small Claims Court.
  • The person who files the Small Claims Court complaint is the plaintiff; the person being sued is the defendant, and the amount of money awarded by the judge is the judgment. provides definitions[3] of common Small Claims Court terms as well as a checklist[4] for defending a small claims case.
  • If you don't like the judge's decision, many states allow either party to appeal a Small Claims Court ruling, usually within 10-30 days; some states permit jury trials for these appeals. Nolo Press explains how to appeal a Small Claims Court case.
Additional costs:
  • If you win, Small Claims Court does not collect the money for you. You have to do that yourself, and there could be additional filing fees for a lien or to garnish wages[5] .
  • Nolo Press offers an e-guide on how to Settle Your Small Claims Dispute Without Going to Court for $15.95, and the book, Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court, which retails for $29.99.
  • In some states, the defendant has the right to request a transfer to regular civil court, with both sides represented by attorneys.
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Rental car and fine 300 for smell in car....
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I've lived here for bout 3 or 4 yrs...paid a 250 deposit up front...never damaged anything...kept apt very clean.dont have receipt anymore n got new landlord.
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I gave 500 for a car but my fiancé at the time used the money for something else, she's pregnant, I asked for the 500 back and she said she spent it
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Out of 4 total roommates, one turned out to be very mentally unstable, which we discovered much too late. We had all already signed the lease and spoke to the realtor about early termination of the lease. About a week later, I believe, the realtor mentioned a refund of first months rent and the pet fee, and we asked the realtor to distribute the refund individually. We provided proof to the realtor that we sent her more than $1170 to her bank account, complete with confirmation numbers, as well as messages of her agreeing to receive only her specific portion that she paid in rent/pet fees. Against the Realtors better judgement, he gave her ALL of the refund (which included our portions), then suddenly relocated without a word.
Now we fear we have to get the police involved to hunt her down (we have her plate #) so that we can get our portion of the money from her. It's a total of $1170.
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We got a $25.00 gift card to BOB Evans Restaurant and the facility closed down. I tried on numerous times to call them and well got nowhere, so that is why i am doing this. I asked can I get the $25.00 back in a check. They said No, I said can I use the gift card online they said no. So they said since I live under 100 miles, like 70-85 miles to the closest one, I don't think it's fair that I drive 70-85 just to use a gift card. I would like to sue them for emotional distress, stress,+ pure evil. What do you think, Can I actually do this?
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Defult on auto contract
Amount: $400.00 total
Posted by: Patricia Todd in Grand Rapids, MI.Posted: January 30th, 2018 06:01AM
Has defaulted 2 payments on 2005 Chrysler Town & Country. Title is in both names & have written contract. She Margaret Pucilowski owes me $1000.00
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purchase of a car
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Posted by: mtg in salem, OR.Posted: March 28th, 2017 10:03AM
I paid for some of the car and replaced what she said was the problem. It still did not work right. Without telling me she was going to she sold it to someone else. She gave me 50$ and said she would pay me the rest later. The guy who bought the car from her got arrested and us still in jail. She says she can't pay me until he pays her. He gets out 2020. I shouldn't have to wait for her to pay me. Should I?
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Posted by: Verna Mitchell in Detroit, MI.Posted: December 17th, 2015 01:12AM
I want to sue this woman and my husband under the IIED law I have been under extreme emotional distress he has brought this woman into our bedroom he has sex ny his self in bed right next to me she is always texting and calling I am sure he has pictures (naked) on his phone he has been verbally abusive we were happy in our marriage until her I just nursed him back to health from congestive heart failure and a collapsed lung we have been married 21 years been together 30 years I have not been married this long to give up on my marriage is this possible and can I sue just her
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fraud/scam/bad check
Amount: $1,900.00 total
Posted by: a user in Hinesville, GA.Posted: October 20th, 2015 06:10AM
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Car repair /air condition system
Amount: $487.00 total
Posted by: Lisa McCorvey. in Phoenix, AZ.Posted: August 13th, 2015 11:08AM
Mechanic failed to add the oil in the ac when they replaced it. The inside of it was dry and froze up and also had metal flakes in it after it was installed. I had to get the ac replaced again. I went to a different mechanic who repaired the ac correctly. The original mechanic advised he installed the ac correctly. I've been back to him about 4-5 times to get it fixed correctly and once for a refund. He will not speak with the mechanic that repaired the ac the second time. I showed him the damaged parts. He offered to refund me half of the money.
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